Lookup that only displays linked records that have a specific check mark?


I’m looking to create a field that only shows linked records (or text strings from that linked table) if those records have a specific check mark. Does anyone know if there’s any way to do that?



I’d create a formula field on the table you intend to roll up:


This will only show you field if the checkbox is checked. Then you can just roll it up in your other table.

*You might have noticed I didn’t do ‘CheckMark = 1’. Any positive number computes to true so I leave out the ‘= 1’. You can also do the same with ‘= 0’ because that computes to false.


Could you use a lookup field to pull the checkbox into the linked table and then use a filter to only view the fields that are checked?

That’s what I did here: https://airtable.com/shru2SaCdPCUJ23ck/tblubgfWfPz5I7OUo/viw47gr3gSfvBNAVi


Thanks! This worked, but the record comes in as a string, unfortunately. When I use the Template Block, it essentially comes in as a single string instead of a bulleted list of the checked records.

This might be the best option available, but curious if there’s another way that would allow the formatting in the Template Block to still work?