Loop through records in a view and return value of lookup field

Hi all

Hope you can help.

Using the scripting block, how could I loop through the records and return the value of a lookup field. All other fields are fine but linked and lookup fields throw an error.

Here’s my code…

let table = base.getTable("Daily Orders");
let view = table.getView("Unfulfilled Daily Orders");
let sku = table.getField("Line Items: Sku"); //Lookup Field

let result = await view.selectRecordsAsync({
sorts: [{field: "Line Items: Variant Id", direction: "asc"}]

for (let record1 of result.records) {
  output.text(record1.getCellValue(sku)); // throws an error


Error: Unknown value ‘AlexSaleBeanieAdultCharcoal’ passed to output.text()

at main on line 12

Please help!



Lookup fields return arrays, even if they’re only looking up from a single linked record. Instead of output.text, use output.inspect. This will display the literal item you’re receiving, even if it’s an array.


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