Manage a list of select options in one place

I’ve seen this asked elsewhere but not answered yet. I need to be able to create a list of options (for a single or multi-select field), order them, color code them, do whatever I need to do to them, and then be able to use that set of options in more than one place.

Throughout a project, or even across different projects, I am often developing my own taxonomy and using that taxonomy in multiple places. At the moment, this doesn’t seem to be possible within Airtable unless I create my own reference tables and then link them, which is kind of a pain.

It would be so so nice to be able to create something like a “global” options list, which I could reuse in any table or base, and only ever have to update in one place.

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I definitely agree!

@Type_Code you are imagining this as something that would live at the level of the entire base, correct?

The advanced management of selection fields (single or multiple) is something that would really e a value add!

Right, that would be nice! Global value lists. Not possible in Airtable, but you can add it as a feature request in #show-and-tell:product-suggestions.

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