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Linking a field to multiple tables in order to create a summary

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Summary of records across multiple tables.


I’m working on a setup where I have several tables for projects and one Summary table where I want to have summaries from all projects. The way I imagine it, Summary tab would contain one record per project.

Here’s the scheme of how I imagine it. My product is actually not about ‘projects’ and ‘tasks’. I’m using this for the sake of example.

Speak tool - Summary across tabs

In the Summary table, the four fields are Count fields. One for the count of all linked records, the remaining three have a condition to filter by status.

The problem that I encountered is that the fields in the Summary table can be linked to one project table only. So it looks like I can’t have records for different projects.

I looked for existing answers but in what I found the initial base designs were different, so I couldn’t locate a solution that I could use. Please let me know if it was discussed before. I’d think it must have been discussed. I’m open to different base designs.

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I should add, perhaps this is best solved with a Scripting block. Still, I’d like to know if it’s possible with just linking tables and records, as an option.