Manual date before or after a timestamp

I’m trying to make a formular to that’ll use certain information if it’s after a particular time stamp. However no matter what I do I seem not not be able to figure out how get airtable to tell me if a certain date is after another.

Sofar I’ve been trying variations of the following. Possible someone has an idea to what I need to do?

IS_AFTER(DATETIME_PARSE(‘22/1/2020’, ‘DD/MM/YYYY’),{Date stamp})

This is a proper formula, as in it returns 1 if the 22nd is after {Date Stamp}, and 0 if not (and #ERROR! if the date field is empty).

If you want to customize the return, wrap the formula in an IF() statement, or two IF() statements to return a blank cell if {Date Stamp} is empty like so:

IF({Date stamp}, IF(IS_AFTER(DATETIME_PARSE('22/1/2020', 'DD/MM/YYYY'),{Date stamp}), '22/1/2020 is after', '22/1/2020 is before'))

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Thank you - it works

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