Mapping Multi-Select Fields with Integromat

I have a scenario where I am mapping a Multi-Select Field in one Airtable Base to a Multi-Select Field in another Airtable Base using Integromat.

The scenario requires the JSON Parse module in order to correctly parse the data to show up correctly in the 2nd Base.

The Multi-Select Field can contain a variety of social media Channels, like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc.

The scenario works great unless I add in more fields beyond the ones that are being sent.

For example, if I map it to where there are 6 potential Channels to choose from (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Snapchat) but only 3 are sent in the Scenario, those 3 extra fields will be sent as “null” and this causes an error in the Scenario.

Is there any way to remove that null, so that the JSON produces THIS:


instead of THIS:


Thank you!

I am happy to help - please check DM.

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Hi @cor

If there is a solution, can you post it here?

I would very interested to learn how to do this.

Thank you,
Mary Kay

Are you simply trying to copy the exact same field values from one multi-select field to another multi-select field?

If so, you don’t need to use JSON Parse for that. If so, you can just have Integromat put the original multi-select values directly into the multi-select field.

(BTW, there is a catch when updating multi-select fields via Integromat: As far as I know, you must already have the same multi-select options in the destination multi-select field that you have in the original multi-select field. As far as I know, Integromat can’t put any other values into a multi-select field than the values that are already listed. I could be wrong about this one, though.)

Also, if you are just tying to copy the same field values from one field to another field, it’s possible that your scenario above may only need 2 steps:

Step 1. Watch records.
Step 2. Create record.

(The “Watch records” step lets you specify a “filter”, which is essentially the same as a search.)

Hi @ScottWorld

You are right, you need to have the exact name of the multi-select item, at both ends.

I use Google Sheet for that and I created a drop down menu in Google Sheet do I don’t risk misspelling names and for ease of use. The other thing I do is when adding items to the dropdown in Google Sheets, I have a separate table with all the items listed, so the list is out of the way.

When I set up my scenario, I just use two apps. The shorter the better.

Hope this helps!

Mary Kay

Hi @M_k,

Thanks! What is GS?

It’s my shorthand for Google Sheets.


Oh, haha! Thank you! :slight_smile:

I was to lazy to write it out in full. :grinning:

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I reward your laziness. Lol. :rofl:

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Solution to this that @cor helped me out with was essentially to make sure that “Smart Links” is checked on the “Create a record” Module and to map the array (ex: Channel: [ ] ) rather than mapping something like “Channel 1: [1], Channel: [2], Channel [3]”

As usual, the solution ends up being way simpler in the end. :man_facepalming:Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 4.00.32 PM Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 4.00.26 PM


Thanks for posting that :slight_smile:

You actually dont need the same options if you have the Smart links option ticked in the airtable create or update node. By doing this Integromat will create a new option if the option does not exist alreade. You will get an error if you try to post anything with an option that do not exist without Smart links turned on.

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You never explained to us why you needed a JSON array to begin with.

Most people just need a 2-step Integromat scenario:

  1. Watch records or Search Records.
  2. Create records.
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