Mobile app interface with Shareable Link

Hi again,

If I share a base from the share button, I have no problems with collaborators who use a mobile app. What I would REALLY like to do is interface with the shareable, read only, grid view link. That works great on the desktop version and even shows up on a phone through a web browser but NOT through the Airtable App.

Thoughts? Suggestions? I’d really like to be able to have my non-editor/owner team members have that flexibility when accessing information.

Thanks so much!

You can change the permissions for those collaborators to become read-only collaborators, and then they could access your Airtable database via the mobile app without being able to edit any of the information.

However, you should note that once somebody becomes a collaborator (even a read-only collaborator), they have full access to viewing & downloading all of the data in your entire base for themselves onto their own computers and into their own personal workspaces. They won’t be able to edit the data in YOUR base, but they could download/copy all the data for their own personal usage.

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