Multiple IF() formula but not working

Hi Everyone,

I’m sure I have done something wrong but new to Airtable…

Trying to do a multiple IF() formula but not working… the simple formula is to generate a rental bond amount depended on two fields… the “Rent Frequency” and the “Rent on Agreement”
(The rental bond has to be equivalent to 4 weeks rent)

What I have been trying is:
IF({Rent Frequency}=“Week”,({Rent on Agreement}*4), IF({Rent Frequency}=“Fortnight”,({Rent on Agreement}*2)), IF({Rent Frequency}=“Month”,{Rent on Agreement}))

Rent Frequency is a single select dropdown for either (Week, Fortnight or Month)

Any guidance would be much appreciated


Hi @Jason_Partridge - you’re nearly there, just a misplaced closing bracket (after “*2”). Try this:

  {Rent Frequency}='Week',
  ({Rent on Agreement}*4), 
    {Rent Frequency}='Fortnight',
    ({Rent on Agreement}*2), 
      {Rent Frequency}='Month',
      {Rent on Agreement}


Wow, thanks so much @JonathanBowen… you have saved my sanity… I have been over it so many times and cant belive I missed this… thank you

Just on this with future IF() formula’s is there a limit to how many I can nest or include… can you just keep going if needed?

Thanks Again…

There probably is a limit, but I don’t think anyone has ever effectively discovered what it is. I’ve seen some examples of insanely deeply nested functions—easily 50+ levels deep in one case—that work just fine.

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@Jason_Partridge you could also try a SWITCH formula which is often easier to understand/debug than a nested IF statement if you have many nested levels:

  {Rent Frequency}, 
  'Week', {Rent on Agreement} * 4, 
  'Fortnight', {Rent on Agreement} * 2, 
  'Month', {Rent on Agreement}


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That’s AWESOME works great… so its best to use this one when I have a choice of outcomes…

Thanks again helps me so much…