My data is in airtable, but I'm embedding forms in a wix site... what kind of protection do I need?

Dear Airtable Community!

I’m designing a website that lets users search for and find organizations, collectives and cooperatives in Mexico City that match their interests. Since I don’t know how to code, I decided to use airtable as my data source and simply embed search forms on wix that redirect to specific google calendar views and airtable views based on the person’s interests.

Now that I’m thinking of publishing the site, I realized I know nothing about websites! If somebody is filling out an embedded airtable form in a wix site, would I need an SSL to protect the information they share? I’m not collecting anything as sensitive as payment info, but I do use airtable forms to collect emails, full names, and addresses for volunteers or people who want to make in-kind donations.

I would also love any recommendations on where to purchase a domain. I will need to pay at least the combo plan in wix to have my own domain, but am hesitant to buy the domain with them since they can’t tell you up front how much it will cost for your second year (first year is free). I looked into buying my domain on godaddy or namecheap, but then realized that I’d probably have to transfer it over to wix anyways and pay wix’s domain prices, unless I managed to connect name servers? Does anyone have experience doing this? Then I realized there was the additional optional cost of a privacy and protection plan with godaddy/name cheap? Is this something I need to protect my user’s data?

Sorry for all the questions! I’m so new to this!

Hi @alinaaks,

Since you are brand new to all of this, I would HIGHLY recommend just purchasing everything through Wix to keep it as easy & simple & non-technical as possible for you. You don’t want to make things more difficult on yourself than necessary. If you purchase your domain elsewhere, you’re going to be placing yourself in a whole new world of technical challenges, such as configuring DNS records.

If you have questions about Wix domain pricing after the first year, you should reach out to them and ask them.

Also, you do not need to worry about SSL to protect the information that is entered into your Airtable form. Everything is taken care of for you. It’s as simple as copying & pasting the code. It’s literally nothing more than copying & pasting. You would just copy the form’s embed code from Airtable, and then you would paste it into a special custom code snippet in Wix.

Hope this helps!

Thank you ScottWorld!

Really appreciate your response. It’s good to get the warning sign before jumping in too deep. Great to know there’s no need to worry about SSL protection as well!

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