Need Airtable Jedi to set up a print bloc for museum display

We have an airtable with several hundred records, and we need to print it to a large format wall display.
I am attaching a draft of the formatting we are trying for.

Our goal is to output a timeline in this format—in columns of 3-5 entries deep.
Our goal is also to have the items print with a color coded header block (see example) for each of 4 different categories.

Each entry in the finished print has 5 fields—Name, visual, Year, description, and category. Visuals need to print in full- not arbitrarily cropped.

Hi David,

This sounds like something well within my area of expertise and I would be able help you out on this.
You can reach me on

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Hello David

can hlep you with this … lets connect

Hello David,

I can help you in this as this seems something we can accomplish easily.

Please reach out me at or Skype me @ cis.garry.

Look forward for your inputs.


This request has been fulfilled. Thanks everyone! At the OP’s request, I’m going to lock this topic now. :+1:

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