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Need consultant for Web Based Customer Onboarding Flow Powered by Airtable

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Hello - we are an accounting firm with a detailed customer onboarding workflow process that we would like to use airtable to make it customer facing on the web.

The workflow will have a series of yes or no questions for the customer. Occasionally we ask the customer to upload documents in response to the questions.

The challenge is making the online questionnaire have a good looking front end so it looks nice for customers. I know Airable has some basic form templates but I don’t think that will look good enough. I’d like to hear options that you can create. thanks!

Below is a super simple example of what I’m talking about. I can give you more examples.

Sample customer questionnaire

  1. Section 1: What Software Systems do you use?
    Section 1A: Do you use Quickbooks Online?
    Section 1B: Do you use Expensify?

  2. Section 2: Please upload your precious financials in excel

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Can you please tell me why you are qualified and / or what you have done like this? Thanks.

Hi @Scott_Orn

I’ve built a product that does exactly that (, built on top of our general-purpose UI builder (

If you’re still looking, I’d love to talk to you about your project – email me at

Huge thanks. I’ll forward to our team member looking at this.