Need help to single out a specific name and view only times worked by that person

I’m beginning a new base for keeping track of all of our volunteers. There are several types of volunteering, like regular volunteers, community service for court, community service for work/school and so on. In most of these cases, the volunteer needs a printout of all hours worked. I was able to design a printout in page designer, but for many of our volunteers, I’ll need more than 1 page to list all their times.

My next thought was to find a way to filter out just that person and only their times worked, but I’m at a loss on how to do it. Every solution I’ve attempted so far has still included all the other volunteer names. Is it possible to isolate only a single person and print only those records in grid or table? The other issue is that any solution needs to be fast and easy. Anything that involves too much filtering, hiding or grouping for each individual will be too cumbersome. Page designer would be PERFECT except the annoying problem of only being able to print a single page at this time. (Seriously, 99% of my issues with airtable would be resolved if page designer has multi-page functionality.)

Here is a link to the base so far:
It’s still in its infancy so much of our data isn’t included yet. This is just my starting point, and there is enough data there to play with.

Thanks in advance for any help.