Need help with a Date formula

I’m trying to forecast revenue for my company. I have a table, and basically what I want it to do is tell me:

If Order Date Created is “X”, and payment method is “Y”, add “Z days” to Order Date and output new date.

Can’t quite figure it out. For example, if they paid with a credit card, I know their payment will settle today. But if they paid by check, I can forecast the revenue out 2 weeks or so.

Anyone know how to do this?

The formula would look like this

DATEADD({order date}, {dateadd (from payment method)}&'', 'day')

For some reason, it does not work correctly without &''

The second parameter should be a number, but you are forcing the value into a string. Is your middle field a lookup field?

Yes, it is a Lookup.
If it is a Number field in a table, there is no need for an empty string.

I can (and have) created a value for "Payment Clearing Time. So it is a number now. So basically I need “Created Date” + “Number of days” = “New Date”

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