Need Help With Airtable Backup

Hi Airtable

I have an Integromat scenario to backup Airtable records, but it does not seem to work. I keep getting a RunTimeError. I am also not getting the Multi select options for each record, filled in each field.

Can someone take a look? Maybe @ScottWorld?

Here are screenshots of the scenario and error.

Hi @M_k, It looks like your problem is that you have an empty module starting your scenario that does nothing. Delete that module, and schedule the “Search Records” module instead.

Hi @ScottWorld

I made the change, but it did not change anything.

It looks like it’s having a problem with your “Stamp Format” field in the destination Airtable table. Does that field happen to be a multi-select or a single-select field? If so, you’ll need to turn on “Smart Links” at the bottom to make that work.

Hi @ScottWorld

I figured out how to setup the multi select field in Integromat. Thank you.

I have two multi select fields, in total, and I wondered how to set it up for both, since I was only able to get it working for one field.

I also want to copy records from one database into another, different database with this scenario. Can it be done and how?

Thank you,

Yes, but you have to specify each field… you can’t just say “copy this entire record”.