Need help with Typeform integration

Typeform offers an Airtable integration, and I’ve managed to map my fields, except I need to capture the timestamp of the date/time that the Typeform was submitted. Typeform does capture this data and calls it “Submit Date (UTC)”. I wish to map the data of that field to a field/column in my Airtable.

Have anyone figured this out? Is it not possible?

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How about instead of using this date you make a field with the option Created Time directly in Airtable?


Hi Mo - I have a field in my Airtable called “Date Added”, and I’d like to populate it automatically with Typeform’s “Submit Date (UTC)” field value.

Yes I understand, this would be the same date anyway since when the Typeform is done it will populate Airtable instantly and you will get the date anyway.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean because Typeform doesn’t populate the Airtable with the submit date for me. The submit date wasn’t available when configuring the integration.

I understand your concern. However, there is a field called Created Time that can help you solve this issue. You dont have to make it from Typeform, you can do it directly in Airtable.

Check the support article and Im sure it will solve your issue.

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Ah! Thanks for the link, now I see what you mean! That worked, thank you!

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