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4 - Data Explorer

We have an unusual situation where we need one account in terms of access to our shared Airtables but need to split the payment between two methods for accounting purposes. Is this possible? In other words, we need to add more users than we currently pay for, give them access to existing shared Airtables, but pay for the new users separately from the old. It’s the equivalent of splitting a bill at a restaurant. Thanks for your help and any creative solutions.

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Hi @j_clend,

Welcome to Airtable Community! :slightly_smiling_face:

No there is no way to do so. You pay for the Workspace with all the Billable Collaborators in it from one account.

So if you absolutely have to do so (given that the new users will not access the existing Workspace) you can create a new workspace for the new users, but you will be accounted for twice so take care with that.


Even though the existing payment system doesn’t give you those kind of options, it might be worth contacting Airtable Support directly to ask them about a custom payment plan. It couldn’t hurt!