Negative numbers counted 2 times

I am new with airtable and have already a problem with a formula.
This is the formula that I am using:
IF({Amount SEK}> 0,{Amount SEK}{exchange rate},IF({Paid AC}=0, {Amount €},{Amount €}-1))
If I have a checked “Paid AC” the “Amount €” should be a negative amount and this is working, but in the sum I see that negative amount is 2 times subtracted. See screenshot link.

Hmmm, that sum seems correct to me - 694.96 is exactly the product of the netted values in the Formule Amount column. What am I missing?

Yes, that’s correct but I want the sum of the positive numbers and that’s 1012,25.
How can i get this number somewhere?

Already solved with extra column and following formule: IF({Paid AC}=1, 0,{Formule Amount})

Yep, an additional column is one approach. Another is to create a new view and filter for values >= zero.

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