Nested IF statement on 3 Checkbox Fields

I need to populate a field with a value based on three conditions:

  1. Checkbox Field “Current Edits Complete” = 1
  2. Checkbox Field “No Changes Suggested” = 1
  3. Checkbox Field “Content Implemented” = 0

So, if Edits are complete or No Changes Suggested are checked - BUT - Contentent Implemented must be empty, I want to bring back the {Editor copy}, otherwise I want the cell blank.

Here is what I have built, but it doesn’t grab the records where No Changes Suggested is selected.

IF({Current Edits Complete}=1,IF({Content Implemented}=1,"",IF(OR({No Changes Suggested}=1,{Current Edits Complete}=1),{Editor copy})))


@Admin_Expert I think this is what you’re looking for here

IF(AND({Content Implemented}=0,OR( {Current Edits Complete}=1, {No Changes Suggested}=1)),{Copy Editor})
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PERFECT!!! Thank you!

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No problem. Feel free to reach out if you need any other help!

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