New Filter Options for Linked Records

Btw, Airtable has not released their metadata API and doesn’t yet support oauth2 among other things. Therefore limiting their ability to become PREFERRED nocode backend.

But my company has been Airtable customer for 3 years and the change to other apps is quite difficult. I do hope that Airtable improve their updates and improvement cadence and more engagement in the forum just like…

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This will be out very soon!


Hey, that’s exciting! Can’t wait to explore this.

Tremendous news, thanks!

I have been waiting for this feature for…years…and years. FINALLY!!! :partying_face:

@Scott_White and @Tim_Deng ,

Working my monthly budget, I just realised that these filters are exactly what I’ve been needing to divy up all the supplier costs, this is most excellent!

I have some feedback to consider - let’s say I’m filtering my data via “Store” for food purchased, and there can be countless store options.

Picking one entry at a time from the popup “Find an existing record” scroll menu becomes troublesome.

What I’d like to see here, is a tick-box selection, or a toggle option, where the user can scroll through the list and toggle selection criteria items either on or off. The current problem is, after each single selection, the user then has to re-open up the menu and scroll down an endless list again and again and again.

Perhaps there is a different approach to creating a Linked Record filter option that I’ve missed? I’ll double check, but yeah, would be good to cater for those of us building filters, who have an endless Linked Record List, and need to quickly toggle selection criteria on and off without losing position whilst scrolling and toggling.

EDIT: An alternative solution might be to allow the filter to utilise a Linked Record View. For example, the my store table is endless, however, after creating a Roll Up view of recently utilised stores, the list drops down to ~18 records which would then be much easier to pick from.

I suspect though, that we’re still needing the ability to toggle and scroll and toggle and scroll, even if this View Selection option was made available.


When you filter a View by a Multiple Select using “is exactly” and add a new record it comes in with that option filled in.

It would be great it the Linked Record “is exactly” filter did the same.


Absolutely this! And just as importantly, that an API method be exposed for developers to have their POST newly created record fields default to these pre-configured view filters.

Well done Airtable. Thank you guys, You guys are getting more awesome day by day.

umm i just had this taken away? i now have a little blue exclamation point that says available soon when I try to change any of these filters I have already set? cleared my cache, gone incognito, restarted my computer. all the things…no way airtable possibly rolled this back this long after people are already using it? lots of workflows now rely on this because you announced it as a core feature. I’ve gotten smart enough to not rely on features I stumble upon myself because who knows who accidentally pulled the trigger on it or if we are just being tested on against our will. queue a bunch of people saying ’ its working fine for me I don’t see that behavior’ that’s exactly my point. no one is using the same version of the product at the same time.

Hmmm… this still works for me. Does the original linked record field still exist in your table?

Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 10.46.45 AM

OMG! Lol. Luckily, I’m not seeing that on my end. I would definitely contact

ok i still think all those things about everyone using a different version of the product but also… that was a lookup field not a linked record field. i was working very fast. so I’m sorry for yelling before I did all the investigation. lol I see now I just got a sneak peek at future filtering potential.

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This is very exciting that this is coming soon for lookup fields! :smiley:

Wait, what? Am I reading that correctly? Filtered look up fields? :eyes:

Very timely discussion! New filter options for lookup fields are rolling out today!


Is it correct to expect that “is” as a filter only shows records whose field exactly matches the filer input?



“artikel 2, artikel 3”

  • is artikel 2” shouldn’t give any result

  • contains artikel 2” should give a result

Hmmm… my filtering choices for linked record fields & lookup fields says “is exactly” (not “is”), and it works as expected.

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Aha. I’ll give it some more time then :slight_smile: