New secret field

Hi, I’ve shared a base for collaboration with one person. I’m also using this base as main database for my work. I would like to add a field for each line created (each line represents a new client, with a new job) where i can add some secret informations that i don’t want to share with the other person. How do i do that ? it’s text information. Thanks

This is not possible in Airtable. All collaborators can see all information in the base.

and there is no way to create another base, only for me, taking back some informations from the shared base and then adding the field i want ?

Is there a way by the way on the shared base, that the collaborator can add new lines, but not delete them or delete all the informations on the base ?

Unfortunately, no. You would need Stacker for this.

That’s what i’m looking for, it’s ok to use a second app because all my business relates on this. I’m going to check Stacker how it works, thanks !

You’re welcome! Stacker gives you that “secret field” ability you’re looking for, too!

In fact, Airtable can’t really be thought of as a secure system WITHOUT using Stacker.

If you have the Pro plan, you can use field and table permissions to prevent individual collaborators from deleting records/rows or modifying specific fields/columns.

You can keep some information private by putting it in another base, but you would not be able to link or share information across bases without some sort of integration to copy information back and forth.

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