Offline Local Backup?


Whilst a fan of online apps and data, the paranoid in me wonders what I would do if your website goes down or gets compromised. Is there an easy way to backup my bases for local storage?

List Tables given API Key and BaseID?

I’m curious about the same. We’re in the middle of building a large-ish business system where AirTable is at the center of all of the connected cloud services. While I’ve never wondered about the reliability or security of Airtable in the past, I’m starting to wonder now that the data stored in Airtable is connected to almost all aspects of our business.


This feature is planned for the future as AirTable support replied:

Thanks for your message! As of right now on web you can export each view of a table as a .csv file, but you would need to export attachment files separately. In the next few months we plan on implementing “full base export”, which would include all the cells in every table as well as attachments. I have added you to our notify list and can keep you updated.

Please feel free to reach out with any other requests or questions!

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We are in a similar position. We are 3/4 of the way of having our own Airtable empire and our business operations rely on it immensely. Local backup would be awesome.


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This would help ease everyone’s worry. I am creating data points that are not recorded elsewhere and with all the changes in tech companies coming and going I would hate to lose the information. This product is so good that the only risk is that Google might buy you out someday since they have nothing like this, but if that happened I am sure they would find a way to save customers data.


Please add me as well, at! I use Airtable for lyrics and chords on stage with a band, and if wifi goes down during a show we’re in trouble. I’m very looking forward to being able to save a copy of everything to my device before a show and operate offline.


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Agreed. I wouldn’t want Airtable to become a single point of failure for my enterprise, so this feature (full external backup) is mandatory. Maybe not the attachments, if those had a local origin, anyway.


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