Page design block - picture won't appear


I am trying to use the page design block for preparing invoices.

I am trying to insert static figures but they won’t appear (I tried via URLs located on a Google drive, in an Airtable cell). I also tried an image located in a field without success.

I am using Google Chrome on a Pixelbook.

Any idea on how to solve this?

Many thanks in advance,
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What exact URLs are you using? You must use the direct link to the file.


Thank you for your input.

When I try with Google Drive, the link that is proposed by Google share option.

When I try with Airtable, I use right-click and “Copy record URL”

What I get is the attached.16


That is the link to the “item”, not for the file itself. Do right click > copy in the image when open.

As you can tell, that’s the URL for the record, not for any given field nor file. You can open the image from the field, and copy the image URL.

BTW, are you using that image dynamically for all the records, like a Client Logo? You could just drag the Attachment field to the PD. Or you want to use it as a static file, like a Company Logo or background image? You could then use the GDrive option.


Thank you very much for your kind assistance Elias. I am not an IT guy so I had to struggle a bit but now it works. Really appreciated.

I wish you a great day!