Page Designer Table Mirroring View Exactly

I have a view that represents exactly what I want to be included on my page designer.

How do I get the page designer to have a table that mirrors my view exactly?

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Hi @YourFriend

I have the same problem as you

You can accomplish this by having integromat populate either an excel sheet or a google sheet. I used excel to solve my problem.

@dung_tran I would check out DocuMint, which you can use with or without Integromat.

I’m not seeing the option to use DouMint with Integromat. It isn’t listed with all the other modules.

For now, you would need to craft your own API call to DocuMint via Integromat. But I believe they are working on native integration as well — be sure to email their support team to ask them about when their native integration is coming!

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