Permission restrict access to one table/ Main View only


Just wondering if there has been any new progress in this area. I would like to chime in, if it is possible to change permissions restricted at level of table so writers can only edit main table but read on the rest. This way, it is possible to have main table be linked to data from other tables and have them not able to edit but only view/select options FOR main table. This way we can even have the “columns” they can edit be still left as small text fields for example and have columns they can’t edit be left as linked ones. This will solve most of the permission problems in the most simplistic way.
Just started working on Airtable over the weekend, great product but am stuck at this permission issue. If there is a solution already implemented. I would love to know that.


Hey, I have the same problem here. I was thinking about this and thought that one very easy way to make it possible for the AirTable devs would be to allow the use of a Lock Emoji :lock: in the name of the column or table. When the lock is here, no one can change any value in the column/table. That would be a workaround…


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