Pie Chart Colour Scheme Question

Hi all,

I’m currently trying to set-up a pie chart via Airtable’s ‘Blocks’ function. Is there any way to choose my own colour for each of the segments?

The default colour scheme that my pie chart is using is completely contradictory from the labels of each of my segments - and I can’t find a way to change it.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.



Right now the chart block picks its own colors, and unfortunately there’s no way to override them that I’m aware of.

+1 for this ability. Charts often need to be made for the color blind and current options don’t allow for that.

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+1 !!! My professional dashboard shows different metrics visualised through various kinds of charts. And it is amazing how easily AirTable allowed me to plot these…

Yet, many charts have the same color criteria (by customer, for instance). It is confusing, jumping from a chart to another, to have customers exchanging their colors. Therefore, as it is, charts can’t be compared in the blink of an eye : it requires a closer and painful analysis.

Hoped feature : allow color control of charts. For instance, a field named “CustomerColor” in the “Customers” table could hold the HEX color handpicked/randomlypicked for that client. Then, an option in the ‘Chart Block’ settings, under ‘Group by’ -> Customer would be : ‘Use custom color field’ -> CustomerColor.

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