Populate a column based on a specific information in other column

Hi all,

Here is a screen of what I want to do automatically:

For an example, I have a application with the name “gazelle-evsclient”. This application can be have multiple version (ex: 5.13.1, 5.13.0, …). I want to create a column (ex: Need to be upgrade) based maybe on a formula who say: “If the actual version is not the latest, so I display the latest version for this application”.

It is possible to do that ?

Thx for your help ! :slight_smile:

Follow a similar process described here:

In your case, you may need a Formula field to convert {Version Number} into an actual number so you can get the maximum.

This general idea was also covered on the BuiltOnAir podcast in Season 8, Episode 2:

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