Possible to combine two Linked columns without CONCAT?


Kind of a small ask, but is it possible to combine two linked columns into a formula column without converting them into text or having to convert them back (I’d imagine that’s a crazy inefficient process to have running)

I have two fields from separate tables that serve a similar but separate function, but I’d prefer to limit the number of columns in my view.

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Create another column with a formula. Inside that formula just add the columns. example would be {column 1}+{column 2}, then hide column 1 and column 2.

I just did this with a project i am working on where i have about 15 tables liked to 1 table for sales. Each location would have its own table but when i link them to the primary table, they all have their own row in that table. Using the above method is how i was able to get the total sales to show all in one column instead of having to look through 15 different columns to see all of the info.


Thanks for the response! I should clarify, I’m looking to combine non-numeric columns.

The idea in this case is that I have a table of notes and a table where each record tracks an interview process from submission to completion via Kanban. Each show up in a linked columns for contacts, but they’re both similar enough records that it’d make sense for them to only show up in one column i possible.


I just assumed when you said “without converting them into text” that you was dealing with numerical data. Is there a reason why you are not wanting to use Concatenate? I think thats honestly going to be your best option to use Concatenate to combine the two then hide those two source columns that are linked. I am using that to combine Part Numbers and Description in one base with a dash between the two and it works great.

concatenate({column1}, " - ", {column2}) is how i use this.

The only other way i may have another option is if i was able to take a look at what you are working with. If you to share it with me id be happy to take a look to see if i can come up with any other ideas.


I wouldn’t worry about the processing hit for something as simple as combining values from two columns into a third. (In my deduplication routines, there’s a process that essentially creates a rollup field containing a calculated value from every record in a table and then recalculates several fields in every record in the table. Up to about 5,000 records, there’s almost no noticeable lag time; by 7 or 8,000, it’s noticeable; by 12,000, it starts taking longer than one would prefer; it doesn’t truly become annoying until 20,000 or so records. YMMV.) Combining multiple fields to minimize the vertical footprint of a record is pretty much SOP in working with kan ban views…

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