Possible to make a clock in and clock out?

I currently have made a pretty simple set up with two tables.
1 table has bunch of projects listed and the other one is my clock in and clock out.

I’ve then made a form so staff can clock in and clock out via their phone. The form has 2 date fields a ‘clock in’ and ‘clock out’ and a link to the first table.

Currently it works by employees clock-in and clock-out all in one go, so each record is one log and can tell me amount of time worked in one log.
However I’m wondering if there is a way to have a ‘clock in’ which can be used once a task is started and another clock out which can be used once a task is finished, but still tell me how long each specific logs are?

This may be possible to do in a single table, but it would likely be a fairly complex system to set up. With clock-ins and clock-outs in separate records in the same table, and no guarantee how many records separate the clock-in from the clock-out for a given task, it becomes extremely challenging to connect the two together.

One possible alternative is to use separate tables for clock-ins and clock-outs, each with a separate form for users. Each clock-in record would link to a task, and each clock-out record would need to link to a clock-in record, which could be made easier by creating a view in the [Clock-Ins] table to filter only records that have no link coming from [Clock-Outs], and target that view when users pick a record on the [Clock-Outs] form.

Here’s the [Clock-Ins] table in a test I made:


and the [Clock-Outs] table, which looks up the task from the linked clock-in record to build its name:

After linking the clock-out record to a clock-in record, the latter record can look up the out time and calculate the duration of the task.

Hi @Justin_Barrett

Thank you for the above.
It’s a nice work around.
I’ll experiment a bit with that and hope that somehow one day conditional logic will be worked into the airtable forms to be able to use only one form.