Preview of linked record in a Form


I’d like to embed a Form in an iFrame or Webview of my WebApp because I like the way to display link records BUT I don’t understand:

Testing the form I have beautifull preview with autocomplete, etc …:

If I test the form “as a user” I lost all the fancy features:

What should I do ?

  • Is there a trick to embed a form with all the good looking ?
  • Or should I code it ? Is there some kickstart to handle autocomplete ?

This issue might be similar to:

But no real answers :frowning: What’s the point to loose “hard to code” features ?

Hi @Jean-Philippe_Encaus,

This is actually something that many users do NOT want. In many cases the records you are linking to has sensitivity information and therefore this why it only shows the primary field.


Thanks @Mohamed_Swellam but I don’t understand your anwser,

In term of UX, it’s very important to have relevant data to select a record. And Views let you filter table to display relevant data.

In forms you can filter Autocomplete preview with a View and fields are taken from left column to right column. But for external users this feature is not applied whereas you could just apply a View to filter sensitive data.

In term of workaround and implemtentation, it’s easy to code a form with [select] it’s hard to implements and maintain a shiny preview with autocomplete / typeahead because you have to proxy results in order to handle API limits and hide token.

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Hello @Jean-Philippe_Encaus !

I have the same exact issue, and it makes my forms somewhat not user friendly.
Did you come by any solution or workaround for this particular problem ?

Kind regards,

No AirTable provide a VERY powerfull tool but for unknown reason lack to provide very simple things.

So you’ll have to code your own form reinventing the wheel :-/ And that’s not easy because there is no shortcut to implement their cool autocomplete …

Same problem with Block “Line Chart” that only works with 1 value per line … that is non sens but you can’t display systole / disastole value in 2 column / 1 row …

We built a form for Airtable. One of its features is the ability to preview linked records when you click on one inside the form.