Prospects & Leads under the same Base

I’m building a marketing base that has 2 different tables:

1. Prospects. These users just signed up and left their email and name, only interested in joining a newsletter and receiving comms from our company.

Through emails sent to the prospects, we invite them to fill out a form to fully subscribe to our services by leaving a bunch of data about them. This is when a prospect turns into a Lead.

This table would have these fields:

  • email

  • name

  • agreed to join? (checkbox) → when checked, a lead is created.

2. Leads. Prospects that agreed to leave all their data.

This table would look like this:

  • email

  • name

  • data point 1

  • data point 2

  • data point n

Not all prospects turn into leads. Some never agree to join, so I guess it’s ok to keep them as separate tables.

My question is, wouldn’t it be a mistake to have 2 tables under the same base, where the main field of each record is the email?


Hmm, why do you think it would be a mistake?

Personally, I think I would probably have just one table actually, with a single select field to indicate whether that record was a Prospect or a Lead. Then again, I don’t know what your workflow is that leads you to want them separated

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