Putting new entry cell at top of grid instead of bottom?

Hi. I have a basic grid set up where I frequently enter things such as orders and expenses on my laptop. I works fabulously. I have them set up by most recent date so I can see things at the top. BUT I hate having to scroll down to the bottom and begin an entry which is then moved to the top when I put in the date. Is there a way to have an open cell at the top to enter information or do I always have to scroll down to the bottom of my list first? It’s easy on my cell phone to just hit the + to add a new entry but I’m looking for an easy way on my Mac computer, too. Thank you.

I also get annoyed by this from time to time… especially when I’m training someone on how to use Airtable. Depending on the user’s comfort level with a computer, it can be really hard to explain to them why that’s happening. :woman_shrugging:

Here’s a workaround that might work for you… try adding a new formula field called something like {Date Sort}, with a formula like…

IF({Order Date}, 1, 0)

Then, sort your table first by {Date Sort} in Ascending order, and next by {Order Date} in Descending order. The records without an {Order Date} should stay at the top, followed by the most recent orders. :slight_smile:

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I’m still confused.

Add another field type and call it date sort.

What field type is it? What does IF mean?

You can sort two different ways? First and next? I thought it was only one way. UGH. I’m so sorry I don’t understand


Hi @Michelle_Wright

When setting up a formula, you would create two fields, side by side. The first field should be called DATE SORT and this can be a text field. The second field will be a formula field, you can copy the formula and paste it into the box area of the formulas field, near the bottom. After you do that, you can then use the sort function (upper left corner is were the sort function is) on a mobile device.

Here is a link about setting up formulas in Airtable:

Here is a link about sorting:

I think that what @Neads_Admin is referring to (Neafs Afmin you can correct me if I’m wrong) once you set up your formula you can then use the sort option using DATE SORT and ORDER DATE.

Here is. a link about what IF functions do:

I hope this information helps.

Mary K

You would add another formula field with the formula I suggested. I named mine {Date Sort}, but you can name yours whatever you want. What’s important is that the field name in the formula of {Date Sort} matches whatever Date field you’re sorting. In my example, my Date field is named {Order Date}. See the below screenshot.

IF() is a formula function which you can read in english as “IF this is true, THEN do this, ELSE do this”. So in this example, we can read the IF() statement as, “IF {Order Date} has a value in it, return 1, ELSE return 0”. @M_k shared some helpful guides about Airtable formulas and sort order that I would definitely encourage you to check out :slight_smile:

Next, click on the “Sort” button and emulate the below screenshot:

This will enable you to keep all records without an {Order Date} at the top, followed by the most recent orders.

Hope this helps to clear things up a bit!

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