QR Codes and Airtable

Hello community!
I am super new to airtable and trying to wrap my head around it all. I would like to use Airtable for everything regarding my contractor agreements for events that I produce.
Basically, every contractor has a different agreement based on the work that they are doing. I would like to have a list of contractors, and their agreements, and then assets associated with them and a QR code.
So functionality would look something like this:
Each employee gets a QR code when they are onboarded, and their QR code is linked to their specific meal plan based on what their contract is. It needs to be date specific.
IE Billy Joe gets Lunch and dinner on May 2, 3, 4, & 5. On May 6 his meal plan changes to breakfast only until may 8, and then on may 9 his meal plan switches back to lunch and dinner.
Essentially at catering we will have a human with a scanner who will scan the QR code and act as the gateway. On the scanner, it should scan either red or green depending on whether or not it is in congruence with their meal plan. (so if billy tries to get breakfast on a day that he is only alotted lunch and dinner, it will scan red and the person who is checking in meals will be able to easily say yay or nay. Maybe it even pops up with the details of the meal allocation so the scanner can let them know that while they don’t get breakfast, they do get lunch and dinner…

having a hard time thinking through the process of how to get that to work so any advice, direction, or other experience would be amazing! Thanks~

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