Receiving orders at a restaurant (need auto-print of record + push notification)


Hey all,
I want to use airtable to send orders to different branches of a restaurant. Each branch will be provided with a tablet with the airtable app installed on it. When a customer orders from the restaurants online platform, a new row is created in our airtable base with the customer’s order details. Here are some problems I am facing that I hope you can help with:

  1. The restaurant needs the order to auto-print as they come in (or just press a button which will print the new record ) so they can be handed to the kitchen staff and delivery boys. We are in a developing, non-english speaking country -level of technical skill/english is fairly low and staff turnover very high so ctrl+p isn’t ideal…any zapier integration maybe?

  2. Push notifications + sound: the kitchen is very loud and its hard to keep looking at the screen waiting for an order. I tried using slack via zapier but what ended up happening was that the restaurant staff would click on the slack notification, which would open the slack app, and then they’d say ‘oh we can’t see any orders’! Any way to do a native sound when a new row is created ?

Thanks all!