Reference a table

I am trying to get a total of one column in a different table to my summary table
So basically I have expenses and income tables and its divided into classes. I want the sum of a specific class to appear in my summary table and do the same thing for the income

Hi @JOSH_KINGSTON - you can’t get data into a summary table without either:

  • copying it there
  • linking it
  • looking it up or rolling it up (via a link)

The answer to your problem might be in the structure of the base. I think I understand what you’ve got (although may have it wrong). Can you share your base (or an empty copy of it) so that we can comment further?


I think you could use a conditional rollup. Add a column to both the income and expense tables, then use a formula like…

IF({Class Name} = "Class Name Here", {Amount}, 0)

Then, add two rollup fields on your summary table (one for income and one for expenses) with the formula:


Note that this requires all the records you want to sum to be linked to the same record in the summary table.

You can read more about conditional rollups here :slight_smile: