Released: Find records based on a view (Automations)

You can now toggle “Find Records” actions between searching by views and by conditions. Previously, this automation action was only able to find records based upon conditions.

As noted in this new support article section, there are many cases where you may have already taken the time and effort to set up conditions in a view that you’ve set up, so rather than recreating the same conditions in the find records automation action, you can simply choose to find records in that view.

Additionally, when rendering these records in an action step that follows the “Find records” action such as a “Send email” action, you can choose to include a link to your view at the bottom of the rendered record output.


We hope this helps to further improve the efficiency of your automations!


Always shipping!

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Thank you for this new feature. Will the records in the grid be in the same sort order as the view? If so, this would finally give us a method of controlling the sort order of data in the emailed grid.


Pretty cool new feature! :slight_smile: However, the old problem still remains that the only 2 possible actions that can be performed after this are “Send Email” or “Run Script”. It would be nice if we could perform all of the other actions after this step.


Good news. I’m thinking: even more views… Luckily we got sections for views now :slight_smile:


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Great question. I investigated and the rendered output does not match the view’s order. I had some internal talks with a colleague about the current shortcoming. I’ll follow up if and when I learn more. Thanks for surfacing this again!


I don’t know of any internal plans at this time to change that behavior, but I’ll be sure to bring attention to this the next opportunity that I have.

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