Remove #Error when field isn't filled out


I am using the WORKDIFF formula to calculate the difference between workdays.

This is formula is this:

WORKDAY_DIFF({Date Started}, {Date Finished})

But I’m getting the #Error when the “Date Started” isn’t filled out. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Try this:
IF({Date Started},WORKDAY_DIFF({Date Started}, {Date Finished}),“No Date Started”)

To include a check for Date Finished, you can use this:
IF({Date Started},IF({Date Finished},WORKDAY_DIFF({Date Started}, {Date Finished}),“No Date Finished”),“No Date Started”)

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Thank you! It was throwing an error, so I removed the " (quotes) replaced with ’

IF({Date Started},WORKDAY_DIFF({Date Started}, {Date Finished}),‘No Date Started’)

and this one:

IF({Date Started},IF({Date Finished},WORKDAY_DIFF({Date Started}, {Date Finished}),‘No Date Finished’),‘No Date Started’)

Thank you for your help!

I see that when you paste my formula the quotes are being changed to smart quotes: the first one goes up to the left, and the second one goes up to right.
You can still use double quotes if you type them directly into the formula, or you can type single quotes, as you did.
Glad it worked.