Render more than 100 data points (using axios in react.js)

Hi there,
Would love to get more than 100 data points in the state of my app so that I can keep it on the state of my app.
How should I go about doing that?

This is my take for the first 100 data points and it works as intended.

How should I get the other 100+ using the offset?
Thank you for the help,

I know that this can be done using airtable.js.

base(‘collab DB’).select({ view: ‘collab 5.0 korea’ })
(records, fetchNextPage) => {
//all this is to solve for a problem when I have more than 100 items
allStartups = [
.reduce((acc , cv) => {
return acc.concat(cv)

I have done it and it works. However I would prefer to do it using axios. Again, any help here?