Reordering Link to Another Table column items


Is there a way to reorder the items in a link column? Right now, they display in the reverse order in which they were entered, and I can’t find a way to change the order other than deleting and re-adding. It would be handy to be able to control the order in which they display.

Formula and API results display records in “reverse” order compared to the visual user inteface

Noticed the same thing and did it manually myself as you described. +1 for this to get a look from devs.


We’re working on it! :slightly_smiling:


Awesome, thanks for the feedback!

Is it possible for the Airtable employees to be visibly recognizable on these forums? Like a badge or name in a specific color, etc.


Just saw this. Thank you guys very much!


Could the reordering be automatically based to the order in the linked table, or a specific view of that table?


Expand the record and drag and drop them into a different sequence.

That does it for me, but did I misunderstand?


Any update to this? We have an ordered list that gets created then we need use that list in a formula to build the reference name. This doesn’t work properly for us as the formula for the ARRAYJOIN reverses the order of the items in our ordered column. We need the data to be displayed in the order desired otherwise it becomes very confusing for the users/viewers.


Is there a solving that problem?


This is probably a simple solution because what ever order you give to item a,b,c it is always displayed as 3,2,1 therefore the alphanumeric order is just reversed. But it need to be attended and apparently it’s not considered urgent…