Return one item from lookup list if the next item in the list is the same as the first

My base is for keeping track of genealogy research projects.

The Main Table is a list of projects that links to a People Table and a Timeline Table

People Table:
Has columns for First, Last and Middle name.
Has a column that concatenates to list the Full Name and the Primary record field

Timeline Table
Each record is linked to a project from the Main table and a person. The same person can be linked to multiple timeline records
Has a lookup column to display the Full Name field from the People Table

Main Table
Lookup pulls the Full Name from the Timeline Table and repeats it since a person can be linked to multiple records in the Time Line

I want to create a new column in the Main Table that lists the Full Name only once. Something like this: List the first name in the list, if the second one is identical, then don’t list it, etc. through the list of names in the lookup column.

I’ve really had good luck finding formulas for what I want to do by searching the forum, but not having luck on this one. Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you,

Hi @Stacey_Cummings,

Try a Rollup field instead of Lookup field and use the ArrayUnique


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That worked perfect! I’m learning a lot from everyone who has a lot more experience than I do with formulas. I haven’t even begun looking at rollups, or understanding when to use which one, more to learn!

Thank you again,

Im glad it worked Stacey :slight_smile:

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