Roll up max date but show another field

I have two linked tables A & B
A contains different projects
B is where staff is logging different tasks linked to different project at different dates.

I’m trying to roll up a the latest logged task for each project back in A.

I tried rolling up MAX(values) but it only works on dates, so will not show the latest task field back in A.

Is there any way to rollup a field based of the latest date?

Kinda. If you keep your MAX(values) rollup in place, add a lookup field to [Table B] which reports the maximum date for all tasks assigned to the project. Then add a formula field with something like IF({Date field} = {Lookup field showing max date}, {Task name/description field}). Then you can rollup that field in [Table A].

There may be a more elegant solution, but this one is the first to come to mind. Obviously you can hide the extra rollup/lookup fields so your base doesn’t appear cluttered.

Beautiful - thank you. I didn’t think about it this way.

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