Roll up unique date fields

I’m trying to roll up a bunch of different dates.
I need them comma separated in an array, so I later can replace the comma with a line break to display them on top of each other.

I’ve tried with
ARRAYUNIQUE(DATETIME_FORMAT(values, ‘DD-MM-YYYY’)) in my roll-up field

However this only works if there is only one date, but when there is more dates then they return ERROR.

Is there a way around this?

The problem you’re running into is that you’re passing values into DATETIME_FORMAT(). The values keyword represents the array collected by the rollup field, and DATETIME_FORMAT() can only process a single datetime item, not an array full of them.

What I suggest is making a formula field to format the dates in the table where the rollup is pulling from, and rolling up that formula field instead of the raw date field. Then you can just use ARRAYUNIQUE(values) for your aggregation formula, and it should give you what you want.


Thanks Justin…

Thats works

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