Rollup based on max date in source table

I have 2 tables…

CompanyID, CompanyName, ContractIDs

ContractID, ContractTitle, EffectiveDate, ExpirationDate, CompanyID

They’re linked together via the final field in each table where 1 Company can have multiple Contracts.

I want to create a field in the Companies table to display the ContractTitle of the most recent contract but am struggling to find a solution using Rollups. Of course, I can add a field to Companies using a Rollup that takes the MAX(ExpirationDate) to at least give the latest contract expiry, but I can’t find a way to use that expiry to bring back the single ContractTitle field with that expiry per Company.

Appreciate any thoughts at all on whether this is possible!

I cover this process step-by-step in this video podcast:

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Thank you that worked perfectly - also learnt about View sections by accident which sound very useful!

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