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6 - Interface Innovator
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I have an interface where the vast majority of elements are “wide”, but I want to add 6 little donut charts that appear way too large (with a lot of whitespace) when I choose the wide option. But when I select “narrow” on the layer/grouping that con...
I have a question very similar to the one posted in How can I add percentages to airtable dashboards?. I have a table with 50 rows (per company), each of which has a projectComplete Y or N. In my interface I have 2 numbers elements that count the to...
I want to monitor a specific field in a table called countries that stores comma-separated country codes like “GB, US, ES, SG” etc. If the data in the field changes in some way (i.e. a new territory code appears) then I want to trigger an automation...
I’m currently running an automation script to flatten a source table into multiple rows. My source table has 1 row per company and lots of start/end date columns per phases of a project but I need to transform into a new table (with multiple rows pe...
I have a table that looks like this… CompanyName, CompanyID, AttributeA, AttributeB, Phase1Start, Phase1End, Phase2Start, Phase2End In other words, 1 row per company, with lots of start/end date columns for multiple phases of a large project. I now w...