Bug on sync of roll-up fields?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I have a table called "companies" that is linked to another table called "deals" where 1 company can have many deals.  On the companies table, I have a roll up called "latest deal", that takes the max deal start date from the deals that the company is linked to.  This all works great.

Now I have a sync from the companies table to another base which tracks a project status for each company.  The "latest deal" field is sync'd in this new base.

I noticed today that I had a deal start date (in my original base) change from 2020-01-15 to 2020-01-14.  This updated the roll-up in the companies table of the original base but did not trigger a sync to the new base.  And when I manually triggered the sync, it still didn't update to the new date.

The only way I could get the update to sync across was by temporarily changing my roll-up formula in the original base from max(values) to min(values) and then back to max(values)!

Has anyone else experienced this issue with value changes on roll-ups not being sync'd successfully?

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