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Resolved! Specifics on Synced Tables and Syncing Intervals

Hi all! So, here’s the use case that spurred some thinking… I have a HUGE, monster of a base that is a bit out of control. It contains many intricate rollups that drive some housekeeping/reporting processes. Now that Airtable Sync is available, I’m w...

AlliAlosa by 10 - Mercury
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Dark Mode on Airtable

what’s wrong with you Airtable, :confused: why aren’t you listening to us, we’ve been asking you for a dark mode for a long time, almost everyone has a dark mode, why don’t you, help us keep our eyesight for longer, please Airtable, it’s time to. D...

Multiple base syncing

We have 3 bases.1. Complete database -  Where we keep and use final data2. Onboarding data and cleaning base - Where scraped data is uploaded and prepped to be pushed to complete database. Here we catch missing data points and where data doesn't matc...

Media beeing deleted as if I was doing it

Hello, today all my airtable bases are having a bug, when I upload any media, as soon as it fully uploads, I see a Green border on the cell and my avatar and it deletes the media, just as if I was logged in another computer and deleted it myself.It's...

Having trouble with lack of 2-way sync functionality

I’m using Airtable to organize an annual event, and something we do is track people. I made a set of bases last year that track what each person does and links to many other tables, but the problem lies in trying to make this abstract for every year....

Resolved! Base to Base Sync is broken - anyone else?

Yesterday I noticed that several of my base to base sync's are broken.In every instance the source base has a main table, with a sharable view.That view is sync'd to other bases in the workspace.Nothing has changed in the original source base to 'bre...

Outlook calendar sync failed

Hello, I’m trying to sync my outlook calendar to my Airtable base, but it’s giving me the following error message: “Last synced failed # minutes ago (Microsoft may be experiencing issues with their API).” Are there any problem syncing the Outlook cal...

Ryan_Morris1 by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Add new records in synced table

Hi there! I was wondering if there is any way to create new records in a table that is synced? I use Airtable to keep track of projects that are happening in our theatre. Here’s how our workflow is built : our main base is called Operation (and it is...

Les_Gros_Becs by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Multi select lookup of multiple fields

I have two tables. The first table (Articles) records each have fields that include “Main Point 1”, “Main Point 2” and “Main Point 3”. . … The second table (Article related items) links to the first with a lookup of the various records. I need to cr...

M_T1 by 4 - Data Explorer
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App issue - Folder notes not saving

When I am using the airtable app on my phone and open a project, choose a folder, make a change to the notes in a task and then exit, the notes do not save. I have tried with multiple tasks.