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4 - Data Explorer


We are integrating Airtable with other systems and using Record Id as the key to link the records and avoid duplication.

Today we faced that the record ids are changed for all records from a airtable sheet which made sync failed.

Anyone know the root case of it ? (Is something to do with the outrage airtabel had yesterday (10th March, 2021)?

Also if someone can help us what are the diff-diff scenarios when the ids can be changed ? any thoughts?

Thanks in Advance!

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Welcome to the community, @Basant_Verma!

RECORD IDs never change in Airtable.

However, there are 2 different RECORD ID’s for a record in your destination sync table:

  1. One RECORD ID represents the record ID of the record that lives in your destination sync table.

  2. One RECORD ID represents the record ID of the record that lives in your original source table.

To expose both record ID’s, you will need to create a formula field in both tables with this function:


And make sure that you are syncing a view (in your source table) that is showing that field, in order to make the source field visible in the destination table.

Thanks for swift response Scott.!!

Agree with you that it should not be changing and did not find any documentation which state it and that’s why we choose that as the integration key.

But we did noticed that it changed, and the another system is not Airtable so it’s not about the confusion between two record’s individual ids

And yes I am using the formula to have record id exposed as one of the column in airtable.

If you feel like the Record ID’s have changed, I would definitely reach out to and please report back here with what they tell you!

Already did that, posted here also just to if someone have already got answer or faced it.

Will update the comment here with the response from the support.


Just came here to say that we noticed exactly the same thing. Can’t say when we found the first cases but I think around week ago or so

We have crawler that runs every x minutes and pulls everything down from Airtable. At some point duplicate records started to appear where everything else is the same, but airtable ID is different (used airtable ID for duplicate records check to do create or update)

They are relatively rare tho, so far found only 5-10 cases out of several thousands

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I reached out to the support team and they are also saying that it want change unless the record is deleted and recreated, but clearly that’s not the case in my scenario as I also checked the created date on the rows and the latest date is from January 2021.

Still clue less that how it happened and what might have caused it.

But clearly we can’t use the recordId as key any more.

Any suggestions/thoughts are welcomed.

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6 - Interface Innovator

I think I just encountered this issue as well. Pretty certain I did not delete/recreate the records but the ID changed on me. I Googled to see if this was a known issue or if maybe one of my fields made the recordID change, but not sure what happened. @Basant_Verma have you experienced any more issues?

Hello @Brandi_Bullock, we didn’t faced it after that and also was not able to find out the actual root cause. I am suspecting that it might be related to synced table thing but not sure as didn’t faced it after


4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I'm having this same problem right now. I reached out to Support but their responses are coming in slowly. 

Does anybody have a solution? I want to do a CSV upload and use the unique record ID to map records, but my record IDs have changed since my export. I have no idea what's going on or how to fix it.