Search for sum of records from another table

Hi everyone,

I would like count the number of records form another table.
For example, I have created a table with all the payments that the company receives, and they are linked to the customer master record.

But I would like to add a control in the customer table of the number of payments made by this customer (the number of records, because a payment is represented by a line).

Is there a way to search a second table and count the number of records for a client?
Many thanks in advance for your help.

Have a very nice day.

A rollup field can give you the sum of the values in all the linked records.

A count field can give you the number of linked records.

If this answers your question, please mark this post as the solution. Otherwise, could you please give a bit more details and a screen capture?

Awesome!! You help me a lot. Thank You so much for your quick reply.
Have a nice day.

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