Setting a checkbox field using a formula

Hi all, I may be missing something in which case apols!

I have two fields: an integer field and checkbox field. I wish to set the checkbox field if the integer field is >x.

I can see how to simulate this using a formula field formatted as text and a ‘tick emoji’, but this doesn’t work for me as I need to link my base to an external system that uses airtable checkbox fields to construct filters.

Alternatively, would be nice to flag a feature request for the formatting option ‘Checkbox’ for formula fields where the output is boolean.


Formulas can only output to their own fields. They can’t affect the contents of other fields.

One possible alternative is to use a formula that outputs a 1 or 0. Those are often seen as equivalents to “true” and “false”, and may work for your external integration.

On that note, is your integration system not able to directly check the value of that integer field to see if it’s higher than a certain threshold? What system are you using?


Hi Justin, thanks very much for replying.

I’m using Stacker to create a customer portal, and it appears to construct filters based on field types in Airtable. You’re reply has clarified my thinking - so I think I should ask them - sorry to have troubled you!

It would be nice, however, to be able to format a formula field as a boolean checkbox if the formula simply delivers true or false - just helps with visibility and consistency with other checkbox fields - rather than creating an ‘if’ formula and then inserting a tick emoji and formatting it as text. Again, I may be missing something!

Many thanks, Steve

That definitely sounds like something that would benefit other Airtable users. You might consider posting to the Product Suggestions category (after searching to see if someone has already suggested this).

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