Setting up integromat to copy and update records between two airtable bases


I’m building a database for a small factory that needs to track their time and motion but keep their admin section separately.

I first thought to build everything in one base.
However, that gives me problems with access to potentially sensitive information and there is not enough budget to bump the whole company up to pro users.

I though the way out of this would be to make a ‘primary base’ (the admin base) and a ‘secondary base’ the base where staff will track their time and motion. And have integromat to facilitate and automate the workflow between them.

I want all the main data creation to be created in the ‘primary base’ and have integromat to copy and update it into the ‘secondary base’ where users can chose them and link them to time records that track how long tasks take to perform. When everything has been tracked then copy it back into the ‘primary base’ again.

Has anyone experience with doing something similar?
If so is there somewhere I can learn how to do it?
I’ve so far been fooling around in integromat, and I got a hard time to get it to work.

All help is much appreciated.


What is the error or problem you get?


Im getting a ‘The operation failed with an error. NOT_FOUND’ in my 2nd module

In my scenario I got the following 2 modules.

1st module (trigger: Watch records in view) with the following setup:
Table: Primary table
Trigger field: Primary time stamp
Label field: Primary name
View: Grid view
Max Records: 1

2nd module (action: Update record) with following setup:
Table: Secondary table
Record ID: Primary ID
Secondary name: Primary name
Secondary ID: Primary ID
Secondary Date stamp: Primary time stamp
Allow smart links: checked


Try to uncheck the “Allow smart links”, I think it should work with record IDs also but…

I’ve just tested a similar Scenario and seems to work as expected. ¿Could you leave an screenshot?

Just to check, in the Update module, ¿you select the ID from the first module like this?


It does not give me any error now however when I change something in my ‘Primary base’ and do a trial run nothing happens in my ‘secondary base’.
Not entirely sure what I do wrong.
Below is my current config in 2nd module