Shortcut To Enter New Record?

This may sound like a silly question but is there a shortcut to enter a new record? I have tables that are sometimes hundreds of records long and don’t want to scroll to the bottom just to click the plus sign to add a new record.

Also trying to avoid using the context menu to insert a new row. Is there no quick add button anywhere at the top or did I miss it somewhere?

Shift+Enter will make a new record, though if you’re in the middle of your table, it will insert the record below the currently active one. You can quickly get to the bottom of your table list by pressing the End key on the keyboard, though, then Shift+Enter will add the new record to the end of the list.

Thanks for that, it’s helpful. The caveat to this is that these shortcuts won’t work when looking at a table where you’ve grouped the data. I’m almost forced to change the view to one that does not have any grouping criteria and then add a new record.

For example, I tend to use my Interactions table using a GROUP by household. If I’m adding a new interaction with a household that does not yet have any interactions, I don’t see a way of doing this without first changing my view to just show all interactions without any grouping.

Those shortcuts work whether or not the records are grouped. I just tested it. Pressing End takes you to the end of the current group, and Shift+Enter adds a new record in that group.

I do something similar with my task list, which is grouped by project. If I want to add a task to a project that isn’t currently visible in the group view, I’ll just add one (Shift+Enter) to the end of an existing group and type the details I need, including changing the project. Once the project changes, Airtable moves it out of the former group into a group for that project. I’m guessing you could do something similar in your situation. Add a new interaction record to any existing group, and change the household as you edit that new record.

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